Cranmore Inn Bed and Breakfast in North Conway New Hampshire

Cranmore Inn History

For over 157 years the Cranmore Inn Bed and Breakfast has hosted White Mountain travelers in style and comfort. In fact, it’s the oldest continuously operating inn in North Conway, New Hampshire!  The Cranmore Inn history is long and we hope you will join the legacy of comfort we provide.

Cranmore Inn history

The Cranmore Inn history began in 1863 when the railroad brought early visitors to the door of a new Inn named the Echo Inn.  These visitors were escaping city life in the summers for clear mountain air, spectacular scenery and a rejuvenating retreat. Of course, indoor plumbing and electricity were not amenities offered at the time, but all meals were provided to guests by the owners.  In addition, transportation to local attractions (like Echo Lake, the Saco river and Artist’s Falls) were provided by the Inn as well as longer outings to attractions like Mt. Washington where the Carriage Road had opened in 1861.

The inn’s founder, J. A. Whitaker, must have been a man of great vision, setting a tradition of hospitality as he opened his doors to travelers in search of comfort and relaxation.  The Whitaker family sold the Inn to the Robertson Family in the late 1800’s who changed the name to the Robertson Inn.  During their ownership they continued to provide meals and transportation to local attractions as well as adding amenities such as indoor plumbing and electricity.

Ownership changed again in the 1930’s, and with the widespread introduction of downhill skiing in the area, the new owners changed the name of the Inn to the Cranmore Inn – taking the name of the new ski mountain which had opened in the winter of 1937-38.  It was during this time that further enhancements were made to the Inn to allow guests to stay at the Inn year-round and enjoy all four seasons in the White Mountains.

There have been subsequent changes in ownership to the Inn since the 1930’s but most recently Christopher Bellis and Eddie Bennett purchased the Inn in 2012.  Amenities added in the latter half of the 20th century and fully completed by Bellis and Bennett include private bathrooms in all rooms, air conditioning throughout the property, a pool and hot tub, a backyard patio and fire pit, wi-fi plus more.

The Cranmore Inn has preserved a quiet sanctuary on a residential street as North Conway Village has grown up all around it. The natural beauty of the area’s forests, rivers, cliffs and mountain vistas has been accented with endless manmade attractions and 4-season resort amenities.

Now there are more reasons than ever to come to the Cranmore Inn! Whether you prefer a bit of quiet village life, or lean toward a more active and adventuresome vacation, the Cranmore Inn will be your perfect oasis from your daily life.